Always one step ahead in a world where innovation matters

What others deemed impossible, we saw opportunities to create amphibious excavators with greater freedom of movement and higher capacity. Since it’s development, Waterking excavators have set the benchmark for the next generation of amphibious machines.

The first Waterking machine was built in 2006. Since 2010, Waterking has been a full-service global organisation in the field of amphibious equipment, dredging equipment and dredging solutions. With more than 25 years of experience, Waterking commands a leading position in the market. Spectacular growth over the past decade means Waterking has become a global manufacturer. With our very skilled and highly motivated team we work with great passion and precision.

Our in-house rental fleet plays an important role in our continuous development. We test in areas of performance, efficiency and safety. We always strive for improvements and try to maximise the quality of our products.

Continuous optimisation means Waterking machines are always a step ahead of the latest technical developments. All amphibious excavators and parts comply with applicable emission norms and have been constructed in accordance with the Machine guidelines (2006/42/EC).

Our history

In 1990, Knoop Baggerwerken was founded in a partnership with contractor J. van der Es grondverzet, and was officially called ‘Maatschap Van der Es & Knoop Baggerwerken’.

A multifunctional dredging machine was purchased the very same year, which was used to perform maintenance dredging in e.g. waterways, castle moats, ponds and nature areas. These activities were primarily carried out in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. Due to change in market demands, a decision was made in 2001 to focus solely on nature conservation projects.

Our great passion and commitment allowed us to attract many nature conservation projects. And our innovation and determination helped us to become one of the leading specialists in Europe.

The Shredder Dredger was developed at this time. This machine is able to pump vegetation like wood, reed and peat soil in a single process. Waterking’s amphibious excavators and accompanying accessories followed a few years later.

J. van der Es left the company in 2007 and the company continued to operate as Knoop Baggerwerken.

“All our achievements can be attributed to hard work,” says Jakob Knoop: “I am very proud that our team is able to enhance the Netherlands’ reputation as a dredging nation and that we are a front-runner when it comes to developing and producing high quality amphibious equipment. We focus on sustainability, efficiency and reliability.

Over the years, we have acquired a lot of specialised knowledge about dredging and amphibious equipment. However, it does not stop here. At Waterking, we continuously innovate our products and expand our knowledge about dredging solutions, to deliver the best possible service. We are currently the market leader in Western Europe and Russia, and would like to hold the same position in other continents.”