HDPE pressure pipeline

HDPE pressure pipeline

The HPDE pressure pipe is made of polyethylene making it flexible and light and therefore more user-friendly to work with. This is the main advantage of HDPE compared to steel pressure pipes. 

The pipes can be fitted with welding collars and flanges made of aluminium or steel. We have various welding machines available for the welding of the tubes. 

The available diameters are 110-1200 mm and the length can vary from 6,00-20,00 metres. The pressure class is up to 14.0 bar. Most tubes have a length of 11,80 meters so they fit in a 40 ft container.

Waterking offers both new and used HDPE polyethylene (PE 100) pipes.

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External diameter:
110-1200 mm
6,00-20,00 m

The pipes can be fitted with welding collars featuring flanges of aluminium or steel.

Collars and Flanges
Bolts, nuts and washers

Mirror welding machine
Pressure pipeline

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