Shredder Dredger

Shredder Dredger

The Shredder Dredger is a unique machine.  It is able to grind and process wood, peat soil, sludge, reed roots and/or stubs in a single pass.  This machine is also extremely effective when it comes to pumping floating vegetation like water plants (e.g. water hyacinth).

The Shredder has been designed to comfortably pump large volumes of vegetation, without having to rely on other machines. The Shredder Dredger is the result of over 14 years of development. It is now a proven technology thanks to 

continuous innovation and optimisation. 

An amphibious excavator is used to load the Shredder. The mixture is pumped to a dredging depot using dredging hoses and HDPE pressure pipes.


The Shredder Dredger can be transported using 3 flatbed trailers. It takes 3 hours to assemble or dismantle the basic machine if a lifting crane is used. Once at the site, the Shredder 

Dredger can be moved using a small tugboat.

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14,20 x 3,50 x 4,10 m
Max. width:
6,25 m (with additional pontoons)
1,20 m
+/- 45,0 ton (metric)
1.200 HP
Type soil:
Peat, organic material (no sand, clay)
Pumping distance:
max. 3,50 km (without booster station) Max. 7,00 km (with booster station)

The Shredder Dredger has a capacity of 1200 HP and average production of 100 – 200 m³ solids/ hour. The mix of released material can be pumped over a distance of 3 km. A booster station can also be used to pump the material over a distance of 7,0 km. The Shredder Dredger is very efficient.

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