Quality and service are of high importance to us. Waterking is committed to your request and closely monitor its progress from the very first moment of contact with you as our customer. We offer ideas and advice while guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Together we examine what is needed to perform your activities. We can create a new design if your specific preferences require Waterking’s standard products to be modified. All our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house.

Examples of modifications:

  • Extending booms to extend excavation reach (from standard to semi long reach or super long reach)
  • Repositioning the counter-weight to improve balance in the machine, which also makes it possible to place an extra fuel tank
  • Adding hydraulic functions

Waterking offers advice and explores all the possibilities with great care and attention. The intended use, user requirements and budget are taken into account. Each Waterking machine is customised to suit customer requirements, meaning each product is unique.

Three different locations are used when producing amphibious equipment. The undercarriages (pontoons) for amphibious excavators and transporters are built in Zuidbroek. Boom extension or modifications takes place in Boxmeer. After a few weeks, machines are assembled in our workshop in Tynaarlo. Energy consumption, efficiency and applicability are taken into consideration during production and development. Waterking assesses the life span and replaceability of all purchased materials.

Waterking also personally oversees the production of barges, modular pontoons, workboats and shredder dredger. Other dredging equipment, such as floaters, pumps, suction dredgers and HDPE compression pipes, is produced in Western Europe.


Waterking performs comprehensive testing to guarantee the performance and reliability of our machines.

  • Waterking possesses its own testing location, where all our machines are monitored after being constructed. This involves performing stability tests, examining the performance of separate components and carrying out a general quality check.
  • Each product is thoroughly checked in accordance with set protocols and checklists to monitor the quality of all our products