Like any innovative company, R&D is an important element, as it is within Waterking. Waterking strives to continue to innovate and develop its own products. With the ultimate goal, to deliver a high ROI on our products. Developments are constantly evolving.

Leo Koskamp is part of the R&D team at Waterking. His motivation for continuous innovation is to make it easier for the user. “When selecting a supplier, we pay attention to quality, delivery times and functionality. What is good and where do we see improvements? What new developments are going on in the field of hydraulics or drive motors? We always want to supply the best for our customers”. 

In addition to specific customer needs in which R&D is involved, Mr. Koskamp states that the optimisation of our ‘standard’ products is an ongoing process. “The latest development is the freewheel function on the rack and gear system of the additional pontoons on the amphibious excavator. Of course, this development can also be extended to the spud poles of the modular pontoons”. With the latest freewheel system of Waterking, the spud poles are not fixed, but it is possible to move the swells or flow with the machine. Mr. Koskamp indicates that Waterking is currently in the process of designing multicat workboats. Curious? Keep an eye on our newsletter.

Not looking for a ‘standard’ machine or solution? Ask the Waterking team about the possibilities. We like to think along with your project.


rack and gear system